Digestif converts your Flickr or Instagram photostream into an email digest. Your friends and family subscribe and decide how frequently they want photographs delivered. That way, when you post new photographs your friends and family receive them on their terms. No more large attachments or spamming everyone with endless emails.

Still don't get it? Click here to see a sample digest.

How does this work?

Connect your Flickr or Instagram account to Digestif via the frontpage. Digestif generates a sign-up page which you share with friends and family. Every day Digestif checks for new photographs and sends email digests of your photographs to your friends and family according to their delivery rate.

How often are digests delivered?

When you subscribe to a Digestif you can select to have photographs delivered: daily, every two days, every three days, weekly, biweekly, or monthly (when there are new photographs).

Which photographs are sent?

All photographs that are marked public, friends, or family. Private photographs are never sent.


When my son Henry was born I wanted a way to share photographs with friends and family that didn't involve them signing up for closed services, installing apps, or buying luxury gadgets. Email is universal but attachments are bad and limit how many photographs you can send at once. Also Henry's grand-parents may want photographs as often as possible but more distant friends only every month. So I created Digestif.

Who is behind this?

James Clarke is building this during Henry's less and less frequent naps. Send feedback, comments, criticisms, and bug reports to james@jamesclarke.net. We use Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce.